What I’m Streaming: Power Rangers Dino Fury (Spoiler Alert—It’s not for the Cyborg Dinosaurs)

What I’m streaming

This (very short) story starts with Edward Susumu Curry, MD, a Yale-educated pediatrician and a leader among his peers, a smart, compassionate person who was widowed when his two sons were very young.

Ed and I became friends when his boys were older. Whenever I would ask him about them, I knew I was guaranteed a smile, and that Ed would say how great Bradley and Russell were doing. That they were “definitely figuring things out”.

But I wondered about Russell, who wanted to be an actor.

I thought about how hard that path would be, how insanely competitive and likely disappointing, which none of us wants for our kids or the kids we care about.

But Ed never said anything remotely like that. He talked about the discipline Russell showed in pursuing his goal and how he never gave up. And as the years (yes, years) passed, Ed was not a “stage parent” (far from it) but he remained quietly and strongly  supportive of both his sons finding their own way.

And that’s why this week I was standing and cheering when the newest Red Power Ranger RUSSELL CURRY (not only the leader of  all the Power Rangers (!) but also an alien who had been “hyper-asleep” for 65 million years) said his first line on Nickelodeon’s premiere of the 28th season, with I’m guessing a gazillion and one people watching.

Good people deserve good things. And Ed, Russell and Bradley Curry are among the best.

—For those interested, a brief review of the show. https://primaryignition.com/2021/02/22/power-rangers-dino-fury-episode-1-review/

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