Observing MLK Day

Photo is of MLK III and me one summer when Coretta Scott King and the King kids came to visit our family. (My dad played a small role in the early civil rights movement and came to know the King family through that.)

There is much still to do, but thankfully the Reverend…

Martin Luther King Jr. lives on in the tireless efforts for justice across generations. Today, MLK Day is observed by many as a Day of Service, a chance to volunteer and put into action what you believe in, what will help others.

Letter from Coretta to my parents, Allen and Dorothy, after that summer visit.

That effort does not have to be organized.  And it can be something small.  If it feels like a fit, give within your means to a  group that advocates for justice and civil rights.

This is a list from  Charity Navigator  https://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=content.view&cpid=5204  of civil rights nonprofits that are “…financially healthy and transparent in their operations.”

You can click on each charity’s name to find more details on their performance and mission. From there you can also access contact information for the charity, their website, and a button to donate via our Giving Basket.

Or during the pandemic, is there someone you know who lives alone, who could benefit from a call from you or an email, checking in on how they’re doing, saying that you care?

To my mind, social justice thrives in an environment of compassion and of kindness on an individual level.

Grateful to all, who in ways big and small support social justice and civil rights.

On this day, in particular, remembering Dr. King, and all that his rich legacy teaches us.

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