Book birthday…


As I write this, ALL THAT FALL, my debut thriller is ten hours, fourteen minutes and thirty-seven seconds old!

In my head I’m a little bit anxious, but mostly excited for the party I picture happening tonight at a local bookstore, at which dear friends, family, and fellow authors will gather to celebrate my finally being able to share this action-packed Sacramento-based adventure featuring government ethics investigator Emma Lawson and the cast of characters who make up her world with readers!

I’m thinking about what I’ll wear—that little black dress I’ve been saving— what treats and refreshments I’ll serve—cupcakes, lemonade and,  for those who partake a selection of California wine— and what book swag—door hangers and pins— I’ll have there for guests!

 But tonight’s in-person launch party is, sadly, destined to occur only in my imagination… 

There are no in-person bookstore events yet where I live, and for scheduling reasons the fabulous zoom launch party (which I can’t wait for, more on that to follow) is not happening until next week, when ALL THAT FALL will be ten days and five hours old.

I’m not sure what that is in “book years”. Is that like dog years, do you multiply by seven?

 Fortunately, a little “real” goes a long way…

I was contemplating, a bit disheartened, how to make this day special—about something other than tweets and posts—while waiting for the zoom party in ten days’ time,

when my phone rang.  I picked it up to be greeted by a dear friend singing to me, “Happy Book Birthday to you!”,  followed in the next few hours by multiple deliveries of cake, flowers and wrapped gifts on my doorstep.

Remarkably (at least, I thought so) the tweets and posts bearing good wishes—professional and personal—from my kids, my colleagues, authors, friends and lovers—old and new—took on a different character. They became part of something off the screen, brightened and given weight by the tokens of celebration in my home, the scent of the baby roses, the dense flavor of the chocolate cake, and the feel of the new notebook for my writing table. It’s wild.

It’s like a party is happening here.

I feel so fortunate, and joyful, and enveloped in this loving acknowledgement, not only of my book, but also of the importance of honoring the creativity in all of our lives.

 It is the perfect book birthday…

                                                         Thank you!   



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