Author of The Week: Meredith Hambrock

Other People’s Secrets?  There is no book like this book. And Meredith Hambrock? There is no author like this author. Publisher’s Weekly raves that  Other People’s Secrets  is a “dynamic debut”. Author Kim Fu calls Hambrock’s writing “vivid and close to the skin”.

With this crime fiction/thriller, nominated for a Lefty award at Left Coast Crime 2023,  Hambrock breaks all the rules and wins at a game I didn’t know could be played.

The plot is straightforward. Until it’s not.  The protagonist, 29-yr-old Baby, a foul-mouthed, impulse-control-challenged alcoholic who started life in a dumpster, is impossible to like. Until she wins you over, and you feel something close to respect for Bunny, maybe even affection.

How does Author Meredith Hambrock do it? It may relate to her experience as a Canadian sitcom-writing-rockstar, with over 100 episodes of comedy TV to her credit. In spite of that (or perhaps because of it?) Meredith seems very nice. Oh, and she calls soda “pop”. You can learn more about Meredith and her work at

Bottom line? OTHER PEOPLE’S SECRETS is the book to read right now if you’re not averse to scenes that include profanity, alcohol-induced vomiting, and all-around adolescent-like bad behavior, when wrapped in prose at times profound and always in the service of a story remarkably told.

Happy Reading!


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