Author of the Week: Jason Powell

Talent this outsized is rare, to find it on display in a debut novel rarer still, and to see it utilized in the service of an exciting and entertaining crime fiction novel with what the Sun Sentinel describes as “an appealing plot and equally pleasing characters” (instead of pummeling the reader senseless with endless gore and violence—a popular trend) is not only refreshing, but exceedingly difficult to achieve.

Jason Powell manages this impressive hat trick.

In NO MAN’S GHOST, Powell writes powerfully and clearly and the dialogue, regardless of the character’s age, gender or disposition, is entirely believable. Mr. Powell grew up in a family of nine children and today, in addition to being a critically-acclaimed author, is a firefighter with the New York City Fire Department. The skill with which he purposefully employs each word in NO MAN’S GHOST makes it easy for me to picture Powell fighting flames with a similar intensity or negotiating persuasively at a very young age with one or more siblings to be given the last cupcake.

Brianna Labuskes, highly-regarded best-selling author of THE LOST BOOK OF BONN says of NO MAN’S GHOST “Crisp, gorgeous prose and sweat-inducing action scenes take readers into the heart of danger.”

Meredith Hambrock, recipient of rave reviews for OTHER PEOPLES’ SECRETS shares that “No Man’s Ghost is both a deeply compassionate tribute to the everyday heroism of ordinary people and an uplifting balm that gripped me with its ease, romance, and sense of wonder. I couldn’t put it down.”

PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY states NO MAN’S GHOST is “a promising debut…Powell’s strength lies in his descriptions of fire and the sights, sounds, and emotions of being inside a burning building.”

At you can learn more about Powell, read his stellar short stories and pick up a copy of his exciting debut, if you’re so inclined.

I greatly enjoyed NO MAN’S GHOST and look forward to many more books from this exceptionally talented young author.

Happy Reading!


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