Davis writers-2One Murder More investigates the lengths to which some people will go in the pursuit of money and power, while never forgetting the human element of its large-hearted protagonist as she navigates the treacherous, even life-threatening terrain of state politics… a standout amongst political mysteries.”Criminal Element

“Crisp and entertaining…Kris Calvin sets herself apart as a writer to watch.”John Lescoart, author of 19 New York Times best sellers

“In One Murder More, Kris Calvin gives us a front-row seat in California’s capitol and exposes the underbelly of the state’s political machine. An irresistible political thriller that reminds me of House of Cards.”Robert Dugoni, New York Times bestselling author of My Sister’s Grave

“I’d have read One Murder More for the setting alone—who could resist such a detailed peek along the corridors of power? But add a complex and engaging protagonist, a crisp plot with a couple of gasp-worthy twists, and a fully realized set of relationships and you’ve got a real treat of a debut. Totally satisfying.”Catriona McPherson, author of the Dandy McGilver mystery series

“…a smart, riveting mystery that takes twists and turns you will not see coming…from the first page to the last sentence, I was enthralled with this book. Truly a great start to what will no doubt be an amazing series by Kris Calvin.”Victoria Colotta,

“Kris Calvin’s debut novel will captivate fans of murder mysteries and thrillers alike. With her natural ability to weave an intricate and intriguing storyline, she has established herself as an accomplished and talented addition to the world of murder and suspense.”Skin Deep Exposures Magazine

“An emotionally rich and gripping novel that tracks through intrigue, missteps, and false leads to the credible solving of a brutal murder… Meet Maren Kane, and hope you get to see her in action again.”Kirk Russell, author of the John Marquez thriller series

“… debut novel in what promises to be a very good mystery series… just when you think that you’ve got it figured out, something else comes to light that might just change that opinion.”Bruce von Stiers,

“…a fast-paced, thoroughly enjoyable mystery. Kris Calvin brings politics and politicians to life in this action-packed story, told with both intellect and humor.”Jeff Gee, Mayor of Redwood City, California

“A smart, fast-paced mystery…insider knowledge and keen eye for detail make for a heady combination, one that will keep you up reading all night.”Eileen Rendahl, author of The Messenger Series

“Kris Calvin so skillfully writes One Murder More that readers might expect her characters to escape the pages and be found in the actual avenues and halls of California’s capital.”Spring Warren, author of Turpentine and Quarter-Acre Farm

One Murder More is an exciting and absorbing story… I haven’t had a round-trip to New York go faster since I left the cockpit.” —Franklin (Pitch) Johnson, Founder, Asset Management Company, Silicon Valley

“A political thriller with an edge… Kris Calvin has the background and know-how about politics, and will keep readers guessing with every page.”Woman Around Town